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Storeroom Management

K+S Services can provide fully customizable solutions for staffing your Storeroom, from Individual storeroom clerks, to completely integrated storerooms including both Management and floor workers. We are experienced in many standard Storeroom Data Management Systems including SAP, Maximo and proprietary 3rd party software packages.

As a neutral 3rd party, K+S Services can provide a storeroom managed by clearly defined KPI’s and Cost Savings Goals and a reduction in Emergency Stock Out situations.

The K+S Services Storeroom Management program is designed to provide lowest cost through aggressively managing vendors to provide contracted Lead Times while generating new Cost Savings through the use Consignment and Dedicated Stock opportunities. K+S Services is dedicated to pursuing Repair and Remanufactured material options in lieu of purchasing new spares to reduce overall costs. The lowest possible inventory levels are maintained without causing stock outs to occur by careful management of Min/Max levels based on historical usage, average Lead Times and current install base.

We provide our customers with a standard reporting package that includes:

  • Daily Stock Activity
  • Stock Turnover
  • Stock Depletion / Out of Stock
  • Cycle Count Reports
  • E/O Reporting
  • Line Item Stock Status
  • Consumption Reports
  • Usage Reports


Storeroom Management
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